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Education, employability and community development

Activité avec l'association DJ

Our objectives

Provide aid and assistance to disadvantaged children and contribute to the care of those from orphanages, rural and peri-urban areas, through:....

La dynamique équipe de Kids' House

Our mission

KIDS’ HOUSE is a non-profit, apolitical and secular nongovernmental organization founded by Leonie Dindji since 2016 and headquartered in Abidjan, Ivory Coast...

Remise de diplômes à nos bénéficiaires

Our beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries are children, women, young people and the whole community.

Le bonheur des enfants avec Kids's House

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Mot de la Presidente
La Président de Kids' House

Word of the President

In my mission to protect and develop children, I make sure no one is left behind. With my team, we work to promote access to education, training, wellbeing, but also professional integration for the communities development.
As organizations, associations, or parents, if the children we are caring for are not able to participate in the development of their countries, then we will have failed our mission.
Thus, we need to build strong mechanisms, collaborate and face the world in perpetual change, to make the next generations more active.
It makes me particularly proud to see the results of our activities and projects, carried out with the support of different private or public entities and organizations, around the world.

Together, let’s build a strong, resilient, and sustainable world, for everyone !

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