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Nos réalisations
2020 - 2022

October and November 2021

The pilot phase of the FVIP Project for 30 young people vocational training and socio professional integration, in October and November 2021. In cities like Yamoussoukro and Tanguelan.



The implementation of 2 libraries in Yamoussoukro and Tanguelan in 2021 for more than 3000 children, scholars, students and young people and adults.


September 2020-2021

school kits donation for the start of the school year at Akoupe in September 2020-2021 (400 scholars )


December 2020 and august 2021

The organization of 2 Garba parties to collect fund for the FVIP Project in December 2020 and august 2021


07 august 2020

The organization of Garba party after lockdown (07 august 2020) a fundraising event to collect money for children education. 1.000.000 collected.


Building of a library and socio-cultural and educational center

A place for reading, study and training (library)

A leisure and entertainment center;

A center for regrouping, managing and monitoring children's needs;

A framework for the development of cooperative activities with parents (women) in order to increase the rate of schooling of children..

Training of young people in entrepreneurship (agro-pastoral).



The building of a library and socio-cultural center in 2020, to promote education.

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