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Visit from the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF)

On Thursday, July 20, 2023, Kids'House received a v

as part of the Femmes Actives project it is carrying out thanks to the "le fonds de la francophonie avec elles" grant.

Mrs Diana AKANNI SOUMANOU from the OIF representation in West Africa made the trip to Côte d'Ivoire to check on the project's progress.

During her visit, she was able to visit some of the project's beneficiaries in the town of Alépé. These are women entrepreneurs in poultry farming, snail farming and a seamstress, with whom she was able to talk and judge the relevance of the training and content on the development of these women's business.

A second visit took place in the town of Adzopé, where she saw how women's technical skills were being developed. Here too, she was able to talk to our entrepreneurs and hear their views on the project.

In addition, courtesy visits were made to the prefectures of each of these towns to greet the authorities and discuss the project with them once again.

She was accompanied by Mr. Ados Blanchard from the Comission Nationale de la Francophonie, and of course the members of the NGO, in this case the founding president and head of the Femmes Actives project, Madame Leonie DINDJI.

For Kids' House, this visit remains important, as it contributes to monitoring and control during project completion. It remains essential to regularly monitor and evaluate progress against the initial plan and to detect deviations, resolve any problems and adjust actions if necessary.

Both partners closed the day on good terms, all satisfied with the project's progress and its impact on beneficiaries.

Note that Femmes Actives started in January 2023 and runs until June 2024.

Our thanks go to OIF for its financial but also technical support, and also to the prefectural and education authorities in the MÉ region.

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