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About Kids' House

KIDS’ HOUSE is a non-profit, apolitical and secular nongovernmental organization founded by Leonie Dindji since 2016 and headquartered in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Declared and recognized by the Ivorian government and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Kids’ House‘s mission is to promote equal opportunities through education and employability skills to children and adolescents.

For this, the organization works with children, families, young people and women. However, its main target remains children.

Its areas of intervention are: education, protection, development, family, women, training, employability and entertainment.

By then, all the activities and projects of the organization were made possible thanks to the various donations and support of people of good will and companies.

 To date, with Kids ‘House, it is more than 15,000 lives touched directly and indirectly, across all Ivory Coast.

 The means of the NGO are for the most part donations (nature and cash) and subsidies from people and companies of good will.


Kids’ House Objectives


Provide aid and assistance to disadvantaged children and contribute to the care of those from orphanages, rural and peri-urban areas, through:

  • Educational support (schooling, literacy, librairies, sensitization, advocacy campaigns…)

  • Donation support (material and financial, access to electricity and water)

  • Organization of entertainment activities (Christmas tree, Fun day, Children’s day)

  • Support for socio-professional integration (practical and theoretical training on entrepreneurship and others, company visits, internship offers, project financing, etc.).

  • The creation and animation of socio-cultural and vocational centers.

Education, training, socio-professional integration and community development for disadvantaged children, women and adolescents in rural and peri-urban areas.

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